About Us

Fitblitz gym is managed and run by a passionate personal trainer who believes in the importance of motivating and inspiring his members to help achieve their fitness and body shape goals. He takes pride in offering a package which involves more than just a gym membership. Fitblitz gym provides you all the tools you need to hit all your targets.

Fit Blitz offers unusual cutting edge equipment which gets you to the results you want in quick-blitz time.

Alongside the gym membership we also offer our member’s unlimited passes to Fit-Blitz Bootcamp classes which are run at a local spacious studio. Fitblitz classes are designed to inspire and excite members, after all, fitness should be fun and Fitblitz is all about losing weight with a smile on your face.
Every member’s journey to fitness success is vital to us. The aim is to know every member and their personal goals in order to be able to best advice and guide them along the way.

Keeping our members happy and encouraging them along their journey is important to us. As well as tips and advice we’ll be providing nutritional plans and workout routines for those who need the extra help.
Become a member of Fit Blitz and you will be on the way to a happier and fitter you…